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As a member of AAA's corporate family, we know a little about cars (all right, we know a lot) and over the years, we've learned how to help our members save, too. Our auto loan program, arranged through major financial institutions, gives you the benefit of low rates at competitive terms to fit your budget.

Enjoy rates as low as 3.99% APR for 36 months*
*$29.18 per thousand borrowed

Once your auto loan application is submitted, you'll receive a fast credit decision and an opportunity for same day funding if needed. What's more, if the rate changes between the time you apply for your loan and the time you pick up the check, you get the lower rate. Zero to 60 has never been faster (or more affordable)!

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Refinance Auto Loan

It’s time to stop overpaying on your EXISTING car loan

Take advantage of rock bottom interest rates from AAA and keep more money in your pocket! Refinancing your current loan with a lower rate loan from AAA is simple, easy and fast. The new lower rate results in a decreased monthly payment, or allows the loan to be paid off more quickly.

LOWER monthly payments...

...mean more money in your pocket! And who doesn’t want that?

The process is simple and AAA will handle everything for you from start to finish. Once the process is complete, you start making new, lower payments and pocket the monthly savings! All you need to do is apply!

GAP is available with your loan for a very low $399.*

What is GAP?

If a vehicle is totaled or stolen, the borrower's primary insurance company settlement can be significantly less than the outstanding loan or lease balance. This may create a deficiency balance or a "gap" resulting in a serious financial hardship for you, the borrower. The "gap" may even jeopardize repayment of the loan. GAP is designed to relieve you of the responsibility for the remainder of the loan or lease balance that your primary insurance carrier does not cover.

What does GAP cover?

GAP covers the difference between your outstanding loan or lease balance and the actual cash value of the vehicle (primary insurance company settlement). GAP also covers up to $1000 of your deductible if there is a "gap" after the primary insurance settlement is paid. It is covered as part of the deficiency balance and is not paid directly to you.

Your Benefits

  • Low cost protections
  • Eliminates the out-of-pocket expense for the remaining loan balance after loss settlement
  • Helps you avoid financial hardship and afford a replacement vehicle
  • Prevents deficiency balance from being added to new loan
  • Helps protect your credit rating


Vehicle Actual Cash Value $11,000
Insurance Deductible $500
Balance $10,500
Outstanding Loan Balance $15,000
Insruance Settlement (Above) $10,500
Remaining Balance $4,500
Your GAP Amount $4,500


Debt Protection

As difficult as it is to imagine today, accidents can happen that, within seconds, can change your life. Wise planning, however, can ease the pain of an unexpected event.

We all know life is unpredictable, but AAA's Debt Protection coverage can lift the financial stress and worry related to making loan payments when your life takes that unexpected turn. Debt Protection works by providing financial protection when death, disability or an involuntary unemployment occurs. Make the smart choice and secure your financial future with AAA Debt Protection, and easy your loan payments, protect your family and safeguard your credit rating.

Protection Plans

Loss of Life — The borrower is protected in the case of his/her death during the term of the loan.

Disability — The borrower is protected if he/she becomes and remains unable to perform the major duties of their occupation as a result of an unintentional bodily injury, sickness, or disease incurred during the term of the loan, and they are not working for wages or profit during the activation period of the disability, and are under the continuous care of a licensed physician (other than the borrower or another protected individual).

Job Loss — The borrower becomes and remains totally and continuously unemployed during the term of the loan due to a permanent involuntary termination of employment; involuntary layoff or suspension of employment; authorized, unionized strike or labor dispute by a chartered or previously organized trade or labor union; lockout or discharge of employees or temporary closing in response to organized employee activity.

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† All loans offered through AAA South Jersey. Rates and terms subject to change without notice. Some restrictions and fees may apply. Auto loan rates listed are for AAA members only and may not be available in all areas. Actual rate will be determined by individual credit worthiness. Example: Borrowing at 3.99% APR for new 2019-2020 models for 60 months results in payments of $18.41 per $1,000 borrowed. No down payment required for qualified applicants.

* Some limitations may apply.

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