Your Car's Winter Wishlist


Dear owner who gets my motor running:

Not to toot my own horn, but we’ve put in many great miles, and I have a few simple wishes to help us make it to spring safe and sound.

Protect my shine by having me washed and waxed now – so driving on salted roads doesn’t dull my finish. Still wash me after driving on salty roads, ASAP; you’ll slow down my inevitable aging and have less to clean up come spring.

Top my fluid levels – especially the antifreeze – to prevent my engine from overheating or being damaged by frigid temperatures. Don’t forget to check my other fluid levels, too, including my windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, and power steering fluid.

Don’t “warm up” my engine on cold days, please. Modern engines like mine don’t need it. The time it takes to put on your seat belt and check your mirrors is enough – and once we’re moving, you’ll warm up faster, too. So, bundle up and let’s get moving!

Never pour hot water on my windows to melt ice – the rapid temperature change could make my windows chip or crack. Instead, invest in a quality ice scraper and apply a water repellent like Rain-X to my windows now, so my icy windows will be much easier to clear off.

One more thing: I want the best for you, too, so don’t forget to stay prepared. Store an emergency kit in my trunk, and be sure to include a flashlight, blanket, first-aid kit, basic tools, snacks, water, and your AAA Membership card. Double check the spare tire is loaded in your car as well. And, if the unexpected does happen, I’ll stick by your side throughout your AAA Roadside Assistance service call. (Call 800-AAA-HELP!)


AAA Driving School