AAA Car Batteries: They Help Make the World Go Round


AAA takes great pride in our long-standing history of environmental protection and commitment to sustainability practices. Our AAA Mobile Battery Service was designed with this commitment in mind. AAA-branded batteries are made using recycled lead and plastic, and when we come to you to install a new car battery, we recycle your old one as part of our service – taking it to an EPA-approved recycling center.

Nearly 100% Recycling Rates

Our battery recycling programs are designed to maximize collection rates of used automotive batteries in every market we serve. We proudly recycle over 99% of each used battery we collect. What’s even better? Each new lead car battery that is stalled in your vehicle is comprised of more than 80% recycled material*!

As a direct result of battery replacement and recycling services provided by AAA throughout the United States, we have helped to:

  • Provide a product that is one of the top five most sustainable consumer products*
  • Reclaim lead, plastic, and acid for reuse in the production of new batteries
  • Assist AAA Members throughout the United States to recycle their old batteries

Fast Facts: Battery Recycling*

  • Lead batteries have a long track record for going green, having been recycled for more than 100 years.
  • Lead batteries use a circular infrastructure to responsibly source, use, reuse, and manage materials.
  • In the last 20 years lead battery life has increase by 30-35%
  • Lead batteries are used in virtually every hybrid and electric vehicle worldwide.

We’ve only been given one planet to explore, so AAA is dedicated to doing our part to ensure great road trips for generations to come.

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