Travel Insurance: A Closer Look

Add a policy for some extra peace of mind

Interest in travel insurance has been increasing recently, especially among younger people as they do more traveling. Given this growth in popularity, is travel insurance something you should think about?

First, consider what it typically covers:

Trip cancellation
You’re reimbursed for nonrefundable payments if you have to cancel a trip because of covered risks such as job loss, illness or other reasons—even acts of terror.

Trip interruption
You’re reimbursed for remaining nonrefundable payments if you start a trip but can’t finish it because of illness, death or other covered events beyond your control.

Emergency medical issues
If you get sick or hurt during your trip, travel insurance arranges to move you to a qualified medical facility—or even gets you back home—for care and you’re covered for emergency medical treatments.

Theft, Damage, and Loss
You can also be covered for rental car damage or theft, lost or damaged baggage, and missing connecting flights.

When to Purchase?
Consider your specific situation. Families with medical concerns or traveling with small children might want to consider insurance—even for domestic travel. If you’re planning a major international trip or a lengthy cruise with substantial up-front costs, travel insurance may warrant an even closer look. More so, if you’re visiting an area that has limited medical resources. Medicare doesn’t provide coverage outside the United States, and a medical evacuation can cost up to $50,000, depending on your circumstances. Travel insurance policies vary, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the details.

AAA Travel Agents can help you determine whether travel insurance is a good fit for you.

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