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AAA Member Benefits AAA Basic AAA Plus AAA Premier
Annual membership dues $53.00



Miles of free towing 3 miles 100 miles
(Services begin 7 days after membership has been processed)
200 miles x 1
(per household)
100 miles x 3
(Services begin 7 days after membership has been processed)
Emergency fuel and delivery FREE delivery FREE fuel and FREE delivery FREE fuel and FREE delivery
Locksmith reimbursement for car and home $50 (car only) $100 (car only) $100 (car) and $100 (home)
AAA Mobile Battery Service – Save on new battery purchase (not available in all areas)       
AAA Auto Repair Shops – 10% labor discount and 24-month/24,000-mile warranty      
AAA Discounts & Rewards® (shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, and more) - Member saves an average of $86 a year      
Travel Store Discount      
Tire Service (Installation of inflated spare tire)      
Mechanical First Aid (Minor or temporary adjustments)      
Extrication – Premier/Plus: second truck and operator up to 1 hour | Basic: One service truck and driver dispatched      
Notary Service       
Pet Insurance Discount (Save up to 10% on Pets Best)       
Emergency Check, Credit/Debit Card Acceptance (If emergency service or repairs are not covered by your AAA membership, show your AAA card and you can pay for the service or the repairs with a personal check or credit/debit card up to $250.)       
Free passport photos – Premier: 2 sets per year | Plus: 1 set per year      
Emergency Bicycle Transportation -Premier/Plus: Free Covered Service up to 15 miles (Service is only available in AAA SJ club area)      
Fee-Free Visa Gift Card – Premier: 10 fee-free Visa Gift Cards per year      
One Free Rental Day with Hertz      
Ride Assist Transportation      
Accident Assist      


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