AAA South Jersey Driving School Enrollment

Enrollment Details

All 16 year old students in the State of New Jersey who want to learn to drive must be registered with a State licensed and insured driving school. They must complete a six-hour behind-the-wheel driving course of instruction in order to receive their permit to drive. Although the permit cannot be purchased before the actual day of their 16th birthday, we can complete the paperwork and the scheduling may be arranged before the students 16th birthday.

We need the following documents in order to purchase your permit:

1. A primary identification document (one of the following):

       a)  An original birth certificate – (with the raised Seal);

       b)  A United States passport;

       c)  An alien identification card (Green Card) or;

       d)  If adopted, Birth Certificate with original adoption papers.

       f)  Non-driver NJ ID card.

2.     Your Social Security Card (Required by NJ MVC as of 5/12/21)

3.     Written Test Waiver (blue card with passing written test grade)

4.     Complete NJ Learners Permit Application

       a)     Must be signed by student and parent/guardian

If you are 16 and have not taken the NJ written test or failed the test in school, AAA South Jersey Driving School can arrange for a Driving Instructor to accompany you to a NJ MVC testing facility to take the test. 

Students 17 and older are accpeted with a valid permit issued by NJ MVC or a valid driver’s license.

For more information regarding requirements, please see here.

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