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Special Features of AAA Mobile Battery Service

AAA Battery Service
  • AAA technicians come to you to test your battery and charging system where and when you need it. If your battery test fails, a technician will replace your battery on-the-spot to get you back on the road

  • Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to test your vehicle’s charging system quickly and accurately
  • Our technicians will handle the disposal and recycling of your old battery so you don’t have to
  • Your AAA battery purchase comes with a 6-year limited warranty, including a 3-year, nationwide free replacement period
  • AAA members save a minimum of $25 on the battery price


*With some exceptions, AAA batteries are available for most vehicle makes and models. Mobile battery replacement is not available in all areas. Member pays for battery. Due to the location of the battery, certain vehicles may require both additional time and additional fees to install.


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