Winter Wind is Nothing to Take Lightly


The ferocity of a winter storm is often judged by how much snow it leaves behind. But powerful winds can cause some of the most significant damage. A blizzard warning, for example, is only issued when forecasters expect sustained winds and reduced visibility.

Get the Roof Ready:
Gable roofs are particularly susceptible to high winds, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Owners of gable-roof homes should check to see if the gable frame has a dedicated brace and, if not, consider having one installed.

Trim Trees and Branches:
Stray, wind-blown limbs can inflect serious damage on homes and vehicles.

Put Outdoor Furniture Inside:
Chairs, tables and umbrellas left on a patio can become dangerous projectiles.

Inspect Shingles:
Unsecured shingles don’t stand much of a chance against a powerful storm. Consider having damaged or loose shingles replaced.

Cover Windows:
Securing your windows with plywood or aluminum roll-down shutters can safeguard them against debris.

Guard Your Garage Door:
Not all garage doors are built the same. Some are rated for stronger winds. Have your door inspected by a professional to see if it will hold. If it won’t, replacing or reinforcing it could protect the door and the contents of your garage.


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