The Role Life Insurance Plays in your Financial Protection Plan

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We spend our lives preparing — preparing for college, for the “real world”, for our wedding, to have a child, and to retire. While we take time to plan for life’s expected changes, we may sometimes put off planning for the unexpected because the time to do so isn’t always clear. As we think about the future and the best times to anticipate whatever comes next, there are tools such as life insurance that can help you financially prepare throughout every stage of life.

There is no time like the present to consider life insurance as a way to help you prepare for your stage of life. Here are a few examples of key times to consider your protection.

Graduation The majority of today’s college graduates have student loan debt.1 If you had a co-signer on your student loans, or want to shield your family from additional debt, it can be a good idea to have a plan in place with life insurance. Locking in lower rates while you are young and likely in better health can provide financial protection with less out of pocket for years to come.

Starting a Family Life insurance can help protect a growing family in the event that you are no longer there. The coverage helps to ensure that the family can stay in their home and help pay for the children’s education. Life insurance helps with household costs such as groceries and credit card bills, and can help cover income from the breadwinner or priceless support of a stay at home spouse.

Retirement If you’re nearing retirement age or enjoying retirement now, it’s a good time to start thinking about any remaining debts or final expenses that life insurance can help cover. Tools such as life insurance and annuities can also help you maximize your pension, generate income in a favorable tax basis and have a lifetime of income that you never outlive. These tools can allow you to leave a legacy to your loved ones and ensure wealth is transferred as you wish.

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1Investopedia, Student Loan Debt: 2019 Statistics and Outlook. Kurt, Daniel. November 2019


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