Here For You


During such unsettling times, people look for stability. They strive to find things that are familiar to provide a level of comfort. One facet of society that has remained a constant are our heroes that have acted as first responders throughout this pandemic. They may be medical personnel, grocery store clerks, or others, who in one way or another, are working to keep the rest of us healthy, safe, and fed. I am proud to say our Emergency Road Service team is part of that very special group that have not missed a beat to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

But that has not come without its challenges. While our top priority - ensuring the safety and well-being of AAA Members and club associates - has remained consistent, the challenges associated with physical distancing and other safety protocols have required adaptation and adjustment. Drivers have had to limit their physical contact with members and passengers, observing the distancing protocols and minimizing contact with surfaces that others may have touched. For safety purposes, a member being towed cannot ride along in the truck with the AAA technician. This means that when a Member contacts us for assistance, an associate advises the member and asks that they use the wait time to arrange a ride. Additionally, keeping the vehicles virus free requires a new set of cleaning protocols. Cleaning is continuously taking place between calls, at both the beginning and end of each shift and drivers are now limited to the trucks they operate to lessen the chances of contamination.

For the safety of both our Members and associates, all AAA South Jersey branch offices closed their physical locations temporarily in mid-March. But employees in each business line remained available, working remotely from home. As the state permitted, we reopened, instituting strict cleaning procedures and ensuring physical distancing. I am proud to say that, throughout this pandemic, there was never a point where we were not here for you!

Whether you are in need of Emergency Road Service, to change or quote auto or homeowner’s insurance, simply want to begin the process of preparing for your next dream vacation getaway or it’s that time to sign your student up for our driving school lessons, we are always just a visit, call or click away. As we navigate through this new norm together, AAA South Jersey is here for you!


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