Embracing Immersive Adventure Travel

With Club Adventures by AAA Exclusive Vacations®

Admit it. Sometimes, it seems as if the world moves so fast that it’s easy to lose track of what really matters to us most. Exciting discoveries, new experiences, shared memories – this is the stuff of lives well-lived, and adventure travel brings it all within reach. Adventure travel expands our world, opening our eyes to new sights and sounds, and our souls to unexpired new experiences. It gives us permission to “ditch the script.” It enables us to reconnect: to share unforgettable times with friends both old and new. And, it motivates us to try new things, which will turn into stories to be told and retold.

Adventure travel doesn’t mean it has to be adrenaline and thrill. Sometimes it comes in the form of an unexpected connection; bridging the language gap by using animated, broken English at the train station in Italy, or tasting deep-fried scorpion on the streets of Bangkok. Sometimes adventure lies in the form of a new friendship forged at a local café over a shared love of lattes. Sometimes it lies at the end of a trail hike in Peru. The point is, adventure is for everyone and an adventurous spirit spans all ages and fitness levels. It is a shared love of discovery that connects us, which in turn helps to reveal a destination’s true character.

After all, it’s getting to know a place and its people that keeps us curious about the world around us. By focusing on genuine connection and community, which are core to the backbone of adventure, you can better tap into travel’s true power and gain a deeper understanding   of the world. Curiosity can be a powerful force for good, a true catalyst for change, and adventure travel is its engine. So, whether you’re looking to hike the Inca Trail or to sample local Croatian cuisine and wine, to embrace solo travel or to travel with friends on a private group departure, there is an adventure travel experience out there waiting for you.

On a small group tour with Club Adventures, powered by AAA Exclusive Vacations, you have a unique opportunity to bring this kind of experience to life for yourself.

Club Adventures has done the research, made the connections, and outlined the itinerary, but the narrative that unfolds is still entirely yours to create. Adventure travelers come from all backgrounds, all ages and all geographies, which is why each small group tour, with never more than 16 passengers,  is crafted to be flexible, unique and inspiring.

An itinerary gives you an idea of what to expect, yes, but it’s far from the whole story. Often, the things you remember the most from a trip are the unscripted moments: the charming café you stumble across by accident on your way to somewhere else; the fascinating object you happen upon at a market stall; the random stranger you ask to take your picture who shares a personal story about the landmark behind you; all of these surprise moments need room to happen, making the most of both the planned and unplanned parts of an adventure.

There’s an amazing world out there just waiting to be discovered. Come find it and open yourself to the wonders of adventure travel, all with the support of a trusted brand. You’re going to love being an insider.


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