Tips to Stretch Your Dollar When Household Shopping

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Running a household on a budget? Smart shopping strategies can help your family save on favorite foods, wellness essentials and more.

To help make your next shopping excursion a success, check out these tips.

  • Cleaning Supplies: Streamline spring cleaning -- and save money and space – by opting for a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used throughout the home. Enjoy additional savings by purchasing extra of your favorite cleaning supplies when they’re on sale.
  • Groceries: At the beginning of each week, create a meal plan for your family. Mapping out your meals can help you avoid purchasing more than you need or items you don’t want. Discount retailers are a great place for all the essentials, including spices, dairy, grains, bread, eggs, frozen and canned vegetables and proteins.
  • Wellness Items: Self-care doesn’t need to be costly. Before heading to a grocery store or pharmacy for wellness products, visit a general retailer first. From remedies for combatting spring allergies to over-the-counter medications, vitamins, skincare and hair care products, the items you restock most frequently can be found for less at a general retailer than you might expect at a pharmacy or grocery store.
  • Digital Savings: While physically clipping coupons may no longer be as common as it once was, additional ways to save are here to stay in the form of digital coupons.             


To stay organized and within budget during the spring cleaning season, adopt savvy shopping strategies.

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