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Honeymoons & Registry

AAA Travel Agents can help you plan the Honeymoon of your dreams!

We have knowledge on all the top romantic destinations and can help you plan the perfect Honeymoon vacation. Whether it’s the Caribbean, Europe or cruising, AAA can get you there! Let us share some ideas with you. We share your passion for finding the perfect vacation.

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Get $100 OFF when you book your Honeymoon with AAA South Jersey*!

Honeymoon Registry

Just as you register for silver, china, everyday dishes or furniture at local stores, you can now register for your honeymoon at AAA. Just come into the nearest AAA South Jersey Travel office and reserve your honeymoon. Make the initial deposit to confirm and hold your reservation.

We will provide you with cards that can be sent with shower and wedding invitations, advising guests that you are registered at AAA South Jersey. Anyone can contribute to your honeymoon by making a payment to AAA. The guest will then be given a card stating that he/she contributed to “Jane and John’s” Honeymoon.

Request a Quote or call a AAA Travel professional toll-free 1-888-577-9222 or stop by your local AAA Office.

*New land or cruise bookings only valued at $3000 or more. Air reservations are not eligible for offer. Not valid on previous bookings. Good for one honeymoon package. $100 discount is applied directly to the cost of the Honeymoon. Additional restrictions may apply, see your Travel Agent for details. Offer available to residents of Gloucester, Camden, Cumberland, and Salem counties only. Offer subject to change without notice. Expires 12/31/15.

Honeymoon Registry FAQ’s

What is AAA South Jersey Honeymoon Registry?
AAA South Jersey Bridal Registry is designed for couples that are planning to have their honeymoon booked with a AAA Travel Agent. Friends & family members make a simple payment to AAA which is then applied to toward the honeymoon expense from a Caribbean Cruise to a European Adventure & everything in between.

How do we set up the Honeymoon Registry?
Visit any one of our offices & speak to an experienced AAA Travel Agent to plan your honeymoon. Together we can find the perfect destination and the right price. A small deposit will be required to confirm your arrangements. We will send you all the information about your bridal registry to give to your family & friends so they will know about your honeymoon.

How do my family and friends contribute?
Once the reservation is made, you will receive registry cards to put into your shower or wedding invitations. Your family & friends can then visit or call one of our offices & make a contribution in any amount (contact information will be indicated on the registry card). This will be credited toward your honeymoon account.

How will we know which family members and friends participated?
We will keep an up to date list of the guests who participated. Also for anybody who contributes, they will receive a Gift Card to present to you, which shows how much they contributed toward that perfect honeymoon!

What happens if the Bridal Gift Certificates do not add up exactly?
If the amount of the gift certificates exceeds the reservation you will receive the difference. If your plans change for your honeymoon, then we turn the balance over to you. Your travel agent will discuss any cancellation fees that may apply to your reservation.

Why is AAA South Jersey the best place to book your honeymoon?
AAA South Jersey is your one stop shopping vacation store. We have literature for all over the world to help choose your perfect destination, knowledgeable travel agents with expert advice and AAA discounts. After you book your honeymoon, visit our in-branch travel store for luggage and travel accessories. You can have your passport done here as well. If driving to your honeymoon destination, our auto travel department would be more than happy to map out the best way to get there. Purchase travelers cheques from our cashiers.

Call us at 1-888-577-9AAA for more information or visit one of our offices in Voorhees, Sewell, Millville or Logan Township

Tips on Preparing

Congratulations! It’s finally time to embark on a new chapter of your life with your spouse. What better way to kick that off than the honeymoon of your dreams? Here are nine tips to consider when planning for your dream vacation!

  • Get planning!
    If you’re engaged & reading this, you should have already started planning – after all, this is a vacation you will always remember & is a huge part of the celebration of your new marriage. The sooner you start planning, the better! Planning for your honeymoon well ahead of time will allow you time to budget accordingly & get the best opportunity for savings & placement on airfare.
  • Pick the resort right for you & your spouse.
    Think about what type of resort is right for your vacation. Is it all-inclusive or would you rather venture outside of the resort for restaurants, bars, etc.? Consider weighing out the pros & cons of each option. Keep in mind, not every all-inclusive is going to be adult-only.
  • Use your maiden name.
    When purchasing airfare & other necessary tickets, be sure to use your maiden name. You’re very excited about taking on that new last name, but legally you won’t have it until you receive your official Marriage License weeks after your wedding. Believe it or not, this happens frequently & can be disastrous at the airport!
  • Be sure to include a rest day.
    Take this piece of advice, don’t leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding. If you’re getting married on a Friday, leave on Sunday morning – same goes for a Saturday evening wedding. Including that day of rest will make the first day of your honeymoon that much more enjoyable. You’ll be running around on your wedding day, give yourself a day to unwind & soak in the feeling of being newly-wed.
  • And then another rest day.
    Arrive home from your honeymoon a full day before heading back to work. Coming back from your paradise & going straight back to work without a day to adjust can be very difficult (even if you’re not traveling out of your typical time zone)! Give yourself that one extra day, you won’t regret it.
  • Purchase Travel Insurance.
    It may seem like an extra vacation expense, but for the peace of mind alone, it’s worth every penny. Whether you need insurance or not depends on how much you could stand to lose or shell out for unexpected emergencies without crying the blues. You’re probably thinking, “I know for certain I will not be cancelling my honeymoon” – but some things are simply out of your control.
  • Maximize packing space.
    Roll your clothes & stuff your shoes! Rolling your clothes will not only maximize space, but can avoid wrinkling if done correctly. If you’re worried about a piece that wrinkles easy, try placing tissue paper on top before rolling the item. Pack up tightly & you’ll be surprised how much room you save! Stuff your socks inside of your shoes – this saves space & helps your shoes keep shape.
  • Put down your cell phone.
    I know it may be a hard thing to do, but put down the cell phone. You’ll obviously want to have your cell phone on you for emergencies, but let’s steer clear of social media & the constant checking in & posting of pictures. We’ll all be jealous of your vacation, while we are at work – but your honeymoon is rare moment in life when it’s just the two of you. Enjoy it & savor the moments, just the two of you!

Last but not least!

  • Utilize a Travel Agent.
    Although we may be biased on this recommendation – it’s one that should not be overlooked! Not only have the AAA South Jersey Travel Agents planned hundreds of other couples’ perfect honeymoons, they also don’t cost a dime extra. In fact, in most cases they save you money by finding the best deals that are out there. So, before you start planning your honeymoon – give AAA Travel a call & let the experts help you put together the honeymoon of your dreams! Your experience will be truly hassle-free.

Request a Quote or call a AAA Travel professional toll-free 1-888-577-9222 or stop by your local AAA Office.

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are exciting & more popular now than ever! Our AAA South Jersey Travel Agents have years of experience putting together packages for the Destination Wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re planning for Disney, the Caribbean, a cruise, Europe, or even Las Vegas – we can help make your Group Travel plans a whole heck-of-a lot less complicated.

AAA Travel can help you:

  • Select a destination
  • Make your travel reservations
  • Coordinate your wedding guest’s travel plans
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Provide information on legal requirements
  • Introduce you to your local wedding planner

When it comes to planning your wedding, our commitment to service, value and quality means we're there for you every step of the way.

Request a Quote or call a AAA Travel professional toll-free 1-888-577-9222 or stop by your local AAA Office.